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Part heroic, part self-absorption

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Random Acts of Heroic Love By Danny ScheinmannLeo Deakin, who has been travelling in South America, wakes up in hospital to find out that his beloved girlfriend, Eleni, died in the same coach crash in which he was injured. Devastated, he arranges for her body to be flown home to her native Greece, but her loss forces him to fall into a deep depression and he pushes his family and friends away. 75 years earlier, Moritz Daniecki is in Siberia, after surviving the Great War, and is desperately trying to make his way to his home in Poland to find the love of his life, Lotte. Yet the conditions suggest that he will never finish his journey. Will Leo eventually get over the grief of Eleni’s death? Will Moritz ever be reunited with his love? And do Leo and Moritz have more in common that being separated from the loves of their life?

Romance is not a genre that I enjoy, but in this case, the historical aspect of Moritz’s story appealed to me.

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