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V for Vendetta

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‘A frightening and powerful story of loss of freedom and identity in a totalitarian world. V for Vendetta is the chronicle of a world of despair and oppressive tyranny. A work of sterling clarity and intelligence, V For Vendetta is everything comics weren’t supposed to be. England Prevails…’

V for Vendetta is a 286 page graphic novel by Alan Moore collected from the original series of strips he produced with illustrator David Lloyd. The story is set in the near future after a limited nuclear war that resulted in Britain being controlled by a fascist government. However, the careful control exerted over the country by fascist party Norsefire is threatened by a flamboyant lone anarchist/terrorist known as only as V. This theatrical and mysterious vigilante, who wears a Guy Fawkes mask and flowing wig and cloak, declares war on the the government and his personal vendetta seems to be especially bad news for anyone connected to a secret and now obsolete concentration camp…

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