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Let the Great World Spin

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Let the Great World Spin By Colum McCann, book reviewThis remarkable novel begins with the arrival in New York of Ciaran Corrigan, an American who has come in search of his brother, known simply as Corrie, a monk who lives among the prostitutes and heroin addicts in the Bronx housing projects. Generous to a fault, Corrie allows the girls to use the lavatory in his flat and hands out hot drinks at all hours of the day and night, despite beatings at the hands of the pimps; Ciaran, concerned to see his brother taken advantage of, tries to persuade Corrie to return with him to Ireland. Two in particular of the working girls have an enormous respect for Corrie, even if they don’t always show it in their actions. Tillie fears for her daughter Jazzlyn who has followed her onto the streets in spite of her best attempts to give her daughter a life far removed from her own; unable to break the cycle, though, Jazzlyn has ended up on the streets, selling sex to support her two young children and to fund her heroin habit.


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