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The name’s Bond, Lulu Bond

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Lulu in Marrakech By Diane JohnsonI like a good book in which cultures collide and if that book is set in a city that I know or about which I want to know more, then so much the better. I was scavenging in Borders on the day before they closed for good. Picking amongst the bones of the poor selection left on their shelves, I came across ‘Lulu in Marrakech‘ by Diane Johnson. It promised a bit of romance, a little spy-thriller action and some cultural insights, all from the pen of an ‘award-winning author’. I put it into my already very full basket and headed to the tills.

Lulu Sawyer must surely be one of the most unlikely and unbelievable of CIA agents. She’s already done an assignment in Kosovo where she met Ian Drumm, a businessman who just happens to own a property near Marrakech. Her cover story – of being the rather lazy dilettante girlfriend of this wealthy man – is supposed to put her in a position to investigate how money is being channelled from wealthy donors into the coffers of terrorist groups.

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