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Last Man Standing

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Survivor  by Chuck PalahniukTender Branson is on a plane and now he has already cleared the plane of all other passengers and he is the only man left, he is planning on letting it crash. Before dying, he wants to tell the world about his life. Tender is Creedish and brought up in the beliefs of a religious cult. As the second child (his twin brother was born a few minutes before him), he is destined for a life of servitude, and, as soon as he was old enough, he was sent out to make his living. Then the police began investigating the Creedish, and rather than share their world with the outside one, all the Creedish, with the exception of those working outside the Creedish camp, commit suicide. Tender’s entire family is wiped out, while Tender is one of the few survivors. As all Creedish people are programmed to commit suicide eventually in this situation, he knows his fate. Or will he be able to find a way to override this fate?

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