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One Night at the Call Centre

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One Night at the Call Centre By Chetan BhagatModern Indian fiction comes in two main types; first are the exquisitely crafted tomes that get short-listed for the Booker and similar prizes and the second are the rubbishy trendy boy-meets-girl-boy-looses-girl trash that’s perpetually constrained by the author’s desire to shock his/her readers whilst avoiding writing anything that might make their friends and relatives blush. Popular fiction Indian-style is hard to swallow from our western ‘anything goes’ perspective because the social mores of 21st Century India are still so different from ours and we’re not used to how easy it is to shock your mum if you live in India. According to the author’s website, he’s supposed to be the best selling of all contemporary Indian writers – I can only say that if that’s true, it’s exceptionally sad. However I have to remind myself that people buy Katie Price’s books by the gazillion too.


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