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Frozen Moment

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Frozen Moment (Paperback)  Camilla Ceder, book reviewEarly one wintry morning Ake Melkersson has car trouble on his way to work. He drives off the main road to a garage he vaguely recalls having used in the past. When he gets there he finds the dead body of a man on the ground. Panicking, Ake speeds off, stopping in a lay-by from where he calls his neighbour Seja, a trainee reporter, who he asks to meet him and wait with him for the police to arrive. When Seja sees the body she behaves very strangely and she asks Ake to let the police believe she was there when he found the body. Inspector Christian Tell is the officer in charge of the investigation into the man’s death and he finds it difficult to make any headway. It’s not until a second murder is discovered that the police have something useful to work on.

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