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The War Room

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The War Room By Bryan Malessa, book reviewThe War Room opens with a simple quote from the New York Times: “between 1820 and 1996, 7.1 million Germans immigrated to the United States – more than from any other nation”.

Think about that figure for a moment. As anyone who has visited the US will know, the constitute parts of the great melting pot are celebrated and marked out everywhere you go, in festivities, in ethnic districts, in restaurants. Yet, if Germans make up such a huge proportion of the American population, where are they? A certain Germaness is quietly evident in America if you look for it – in the use of the word “kindergarten” for nursery, in the popularity of hot dogs (originating from the German Frankfurter), in the names of Americans from General Eisenhower to 24’s Jack Bauer, for example. But nowhere does is seem very evident; whites without an obvious origin are often generically referred to as “Anglos”, which based on the observations of this book, most certainly are not.

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