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Fascinating Chennai

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Tamarind City: Where Modern India Began - Bishwanath Ghosh, book reviewA city is a lot like a woman. You may fall for it because of a certain physical attribute — the eyes, the smile, the dimple…That is how Bishwanath Ghosh looks at Chennai in his Tamarind City. It’s an odd combination, a Bengali who grew up in Kanpur moving to Chennai because at some point in time his parents had lived in the city and had fond memories of it. However from that arbitrary decision to move to Chennai from Delhi, came one of the first histories of Chennai – not so much a history in the timeline sense, though Ghosh does talk about how the British set foot in Madras and bought land in Masulipatam – but a history that shifts from physical attributes to spiritual to iconic in an attempt to capture the many realities of Chennai.

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