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Sikandar: 10 Players, 68 Days  by  Binayak Banerjee , book reviewReality shows are all the rage on television and even India is no immune. Sikandar by poet and novelist Binayak Banerjee takes an invented reality show called Sikandar as an excuse to bring ten very diverse people together. These include Bengal’s leading actor, a crooked industrialist, a revolutionary teacher, a hermit, a prostitute and several others. They are all on the show in an attempt to win the prize for being the most Bengali of Bengalis – and though two of the contestants are not Bengali, we are told that they are nonetheless eligible, since being a Bengali is a state of mind.

In Big Brother style these people are locked up in a house that takes its name from the Mahabharata, Jotugriha, the house of lac in which the Pandava brothers lived with their mother, a house that burnt like a torch when their enemies set fire to it.

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