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Love me, Love my Entire Extended Family

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Home by Manju KapurIn a past job I used to visit India several times a year for work and I got to know some of my local colleagues quite well. We understood each other on most things but there was a colossal culture gap in one area of our lives; our views and experience of marriage and family were totally alien to each other. We could talk for days but for me to get my head around the idea of arranged marriage and living in an extended family was every bit as difficult as them trying to understand how I could have married someone my parents didn’t know or approve of and then live a life pretty much separated from both our families. As for my husband and I not wanting children, that was just too much for anyone to get their heads round. I couldn’t understand the very Indian concept that you marry a stranger and ‘love will come’ and I struggled to see past my Western ideas of romance and passion.

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