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The Mine

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The Mine, Arnab Ray, book reviewArnab Ray is better known for his political spoofs under the pen name of The Great Bong. This is his first excursion into novel territory and thriller territory at that. From the first chapter, The Mine sets the tone for what the reader can expect: blood, gore, guts and extreme violence verging on horror. It also seems to have an eye firmly fixed on a cinematic rendition with a red room flashing black lights and a sex and violence combination that ends badly right in the opening pages.

The Mine has a Bengali protagonist, Samar Bose, an ex-spy who has lost his wife, has a missing daughter, a mentally challenged brother and lives on blue pills. He is offered an intriguing job with a dream salary and finds himself deep underground in the Thar Desert to solve the mystery of an ancient shrine which seems to curse everyone who comes in contact with it.

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