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Chaos Theory

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Chaos Theory,  Anuvab Pal, book reviewThere’s an interesting theory in physics about apparently random events which can be predicted because there is an underlying system to it – part of it is what we call the butterfly effect, the theory that the flap of a butterfly’s wings could call a storm in Brazil. Roughly speaking that is the story of Chaos Theory, Anuvab Pal’s novel adapted from his play of the same name.

Sunita and Mukesh are two English literature students who bump into each other as freshers at St Stephen’s College in Delhi during the sixties. Mukesh is attracted and tries to win over Sunita with a quotations game – only to discover to his surprise that she knows as much about Shakespeare than he does. His ego is slightly hurt but the two of them embark on a relationship based solely on quotations which leads them from India to the US, traversing various US universities in search of jobs and romance.

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