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The Scent of Death

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The Scent of Death, Andrew Taylor, book reviewAndrew Taylor is a writer known for producing a small number of high quality books that straddle the historical/crime divide, and The Scent of Death is no different. Having previously read and rather enjoyed his best-known novel The American Boy, I was eager to get stuck in to his new offering, a 470 page hardback novel: reassuringly weighty, handsomely covered and embellished with accurate colour period maps inside (this I find a good sign; if a historical novel has proper maps in it, it is generally an indicator that the research has been done thoroughly). Thoroughly turned out to be the right word – what followed when I began reading was a book rich in period atmosphere and sense of place.

On a blisteringly hot day in August 1778, a ship from England successfully evades the French blockade of New York and slips into harbour.

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