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The Love and Death of Caterina

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The Love and Death of Caterina, Andrew Nicoll, book reviewA good book reviewer knows that a spoiler is a no-no, so it’s deliciously thrilling when you can give away the ending of a novel and get away with it. It’s also a bold undertaking on the part of the author and a book that starts with a great ending creates high expectations. Fortunately Andrew Nicoll does not disappoint.

“Only a few weeks after it has happened, Luciano Hernando Valdez was almost unable to believe that he had ever been a murderer.”

It’s almost unthinkable that a novel could have such an instantly engaging first line. It’s not unreasonable from the book’s title – “The Love and Death of Caterina” – to expect that it is she who dies so thoughts turn immediately to how and why.

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