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Learn Love in a Week

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Learn Love in a Week, Andrew Clover, book reviewIs it really possible to Learn Love in a Week when it takes many people a lifetime, if ever? That is what the online course promises in Andrew Clover’s entertaining book of the same name. As far as Arthur Midgley is concerned, it’s worth giving this programme a tray because, after ten years of marriage, he and wife Polly seem to have forgotten how to love each other. To complicate matters further, they both have managed to reacquaint themselves with old flames. Therefore, if they do learn to love again, will it be with each other?

This thoroughly enjoyable story takes place over just one week but what a lot happens in that short space of time! It starts with Polly being really fed up with Arthur because she is the one with the sensible job that earns the money to keep the roof over their heads while he messes about while attempting to write a book.

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