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What They Do in the Dark

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What They Do in the Dark,  Amanda Coe, book reviewWhat They Do in the Dark is a story about childhood in the 1970s, and opens with a chapter evoking 1970s nostalgia. Gemma describes her regular Saturday routine, going swimming with her friend, then buying comics and sweets in the shop, before going home to watch her favourite telly programme, It’s Lallie. Lallie is just 11, one year older than Gemma, and in the programme is on her own with servants in a mansion, enviably free from adult controls over what she does.

Pauline is dirty and smelly, from a poor underclass family. No one wants to be her friend, certainly not Gemma. She is very keen though to talk to Gemma, and Gemma finds herself inexorably drawn towards Pauline’s ideas.

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