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Letters from the Fire

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 Letters from the Fire, Alma Alexander,  Deck Deckert, book reviewDuring the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, also known as “Operation Allied Force,” two people “meet” on an internet newsgroup – one is a woman in Yugoslavia, watching her homeland being bombed by NATO forces. The other is a man living in the USA – watching from afar. As they argue the different sides of what they see and believe is right, they discover a connection that is stronger than their disagreements, and surpasses the physical distance between them. This is the story of Letters from the Fire written by R. A. Deckert (aka Deck) and Alma Hromic.

First of all, this novel is told almost entirely through the fictionalized postings to an internet newsgroup and email correspondence, making it probably the first electronic epistolary novel ever written.


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