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The State We’re in

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The State We're in, Adele Parks, book reviewI have read many books from Adele Parks and have always enjoyed them so I was eagerly anticipating her latest offering, The State We’re In. It’s various tributes describe it as a ‘must read romantic, moving story’ and ‘utterly engrossing and beautifully written’. However, my own experience was that it was slow moving and very hard to get in to. There were moments that grabbed me but for much of the book I was bored and more than a little disappointed.

The State We’re In tells the story of Jo and Dean who are two very different types of people. She is a hopeless romantic who is always expecting to find love around the next corner and he is a cynic who has no belief in happy endings due to his troubled and unhappy past.

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Still Thinking of You

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Still Thinking of You By Adele ParksStill Thinking of You‘ is a really light, easy read and definitely comes under the category of ‘chick lit’! If this is your sort of read (even if only occasionally) then I would definitely recommend it! I had already read a couple of books by Adele Parks – both of which were very enjoyable, and I was definitely not disappointed by this book either.

At the start of the book we meet Tash and Rich – they haven’t known each other long but already know that they are both ‘the one’ as far as the other is concerned! Rich has been down on one knee and the date for the wedding is set! All set for a happy ending then…


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