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The Blue Book

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The Blue Book,  A. L. Kennedy, book reviewA. L. Kennedy’s The Blue Book is probably one of the most handsomely presented novels that I own. Hardbacked with gold lettering, no dust jacket and the page edges coloured blue to match the cover, it is a very fine thing indeed, old-fashioned and reminiscent of a Victorian-era book on palmistry. It suggests a tome of mysteries lies within. If you were to judge the book solely on its cover (which we are told repeatedly not to do of course), then this would undoubtedly be one of my favourite books. I was tempted to buy it after seeing its beautiful presentation, and convinced after hearing a talk by the author, who shared the stage on this occasion with Britain’s only Professor for the Public Understanding of Psychology, Richard Wiseman, a noted debunker of paranormal phenomenon. The reason why should become apparent shortly.

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