Newsletter No 4 (May 12th 2010)


Curious Book Fans and people who like to read what Curious Book Fans write are preparing to travel during summer season. To help them have more fun and enjoy their escape from everyday lives we are starting a series of articles devoted to travel reading.

In our May 2010 Summer Travel book competition we are giving away a great guide book – Clean Breaks (Rough Guides) with 500 unique experiences and new ways to travel that make a real difference to the lives of local people and the planet. For this newsletter we have selected some summer-read suggestions for you. A word of warning – summer is not necessarily a time for light reading, we say.

Sincerely yours, Curious Book Fans

May 2010 Summer Travel book giveaway competition

Tell us which book reviewed on Curious Book Fans site you would like to take with you on holiday this summer.

The most original explanation in no more than 150 words posted on our Forum will get the main prize:

Clean Breaks – 500 New Ways to See the World by Richard Hammond and Jeremy Smith, Rough Guide Travel Guides (2009)

Three more lucky winners will get one of the books from the list below

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Prize in our May 2010 Summer Travel book giveaway competition

Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi by Geoff Dyer, (Canongate Books) (2010)

Jeff Atman, a journalist, is in Venice to cover the opening of the Venice Art Biennale. He’s expecting to see a load of art, and go to a lot of parties. Another city, another assignment: this time on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi.

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Prize in our May 2010 Summer Travel book giveaway competition

We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver (Serpent’s Tail Classics) (2010)

Two years ago, Eva Khatchadourian’s son, Kevin, murdered seven of his fellow high-school students, a cafeteria worker, and a popular algebra teacher. Because he was only fifteen at the time of the killings, he received a lenient sentence and is now in a prison for young offenders in upstate New York. How much is Eva’s fault?

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Prize in our May 2010 Summer Travel book giveaway competition

The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave, (Canongate Books) (2010)

‘Cocksman, Salesman, Deadman; Bunny Munro might not be Everyman, but every man ought to read this book. And read it half in stitches, half in tears.’ David Peace

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Literary Trip to Delhi

We are starting our literary journeys with koshkha’s out of the ordinary Literary Trip to Delhi.

I first discovered the joys of reading books about a city whilst in situ when I sat in a hotel room in Mumbai with two books in front of me – a local guidebook and Leslie Forbes’ great thriller “Bombay Ice“. Without question I learned a lot more about the city from the novel than I ever could have done from the guidebook.

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The Hundred and Ninety-Nine Steps by Michel Faber

The Hundred and Ninety-Nine Steps was excellent and would certainly like to read more in that ilk. I’m a fan of mysteries anyway, but the added bonus of the interesting character and the Gothic setting make it that much more enjoyable. I’ll certainly look out for more books by this author and hope that they are of this quality, because it doesn’t get much better than this. Five stars out of five, highly recommended.

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A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

A few years ago now, one Bill Bryson – master travel writer and well know author of “Notes from a Small Island” amongst other things – came to a realisation. That he didn’t know the first thing about the only planet he was ever going to live on. I’m sure many of us have had similar fleeting thoughts occurring to us from time to time, but in this case, Bryson decided he was going to do something about it.

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Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl

First published in 1970, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox‘ may not have the reknown of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, but it is a tale full of excitement and imagination. After almost forty years, it can still compete with the best of children’s literature that is being published today.

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Practically Perfect by Katie Fforde

Practically Perfect’ tells the story of Anna, a newly qualified interior designer, who is trying to prove herself by doing up a small cottage in the Cotswolds. This is not without its difficulties though, as the cottage is listed and therefore subject to all sorts of rules and regulations!

Along the way, Anna is befriended by Chloe, her friendly neighbour, and her brood of noisy boys.

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The Complete Prose of Woody Allen

The Complete Prose of Woody Allen is a bumper collection of comic fiction and essays and consists of the three Woody Allen books of humorous prose – Getting Even (1971), Without Feathers (1975), and Side Effects (1980). There are over fifty pieces of comic writing here which makes the book both great value for money and a handy companion to dip into on a train or when you are stuck for something to read.

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Loving Che by Ana Menendez

Having been brought up by her grandfather in Miami after being taken from Cuba as a young child, the un-named central character of “Loving Che” receives a box of letters and news clippings from an anonymous sender. She has already made one visit to Havana to try to trace the mother who was left behind but wasn’t able to find her. Now the shocking information contained in the letter, relating to the identity of her father, persuades her to head back to Cuba to try again.

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Tainted by Brooke Morgan

“He was to be her future. But what of his past…?”

When Holly Barrett meets Jack Dane on a bus trip returning home to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, she is enchanted by the good-looking, polite Englishman who has sat next to her whilst on his way to a job interview. Part of her can’t believe that he is interested in her, but interested he is, and Holly quickly falls head over heels in love.

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blueeyedboy by Joanne Harris

Guest post by our book blogging friend Teresa from Lovely Treez Reads

It was with great trepidation that I embarked on this literary voyage as I had glanced at a few not so favourable reviews (will I ever learn??). Anyway, better to get this out of the way at the beginning – there is no chocolate, no magic, no wine, no fruit except for some rotten fruit juice.

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