The Tea Chest

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The Tea Chest, Josephine Moon, book reviewThe Tea Chest is Josephine Moon’s first novel and it really is a welcome treat. It is the sort of book that you can lose yourself in for hours at a time as you get to know the characters and get drawn in to the story.

The Tea Chest in question is actually an old fashioned tea shop which sells a wonderful range of teas to suit every palate. Its former owner and inspired designer Simone has left her half share in the Tea Chest to her trusted employee Kate whose task is to continue the inspired and original concept as she tries to set up the store that Simone had planned in London. For this she will need a great deal of help and luckily two other women, Leila and Elizabeth, are both at a time of crisis in their own lives and are looking for employment.

Together, the three women join forces in order to embark on the momentous task of setting up the new Tea Chest in what is little more than a rundown ramshackle shell of a shop. Also, they are not without opposition – either from some of the people who run the nearby shops and from Judy, Kate’s financial partner who only wants to get rid of the chain as quickly as possible. Will the women succeed in their task to make the latest Tea Chest a roaring success? Or will Kate have to return to Australia, sell up and admit defeat?

The Tea Chest is a truly delightful book and such a satisfying read. I was caught up in the quaint wold of the Tea Chest from the very first page and it was pure pleasure to keep on reading. The story is both poignant and amusing in equal measures. I loved the characters; I loved the whole idea of the Tea Chest; and I loved the story. It is a well written. Relaxing read, just right for curling up with on a summer afternoon or a winter evening.

I can’t wait to see what Josephine Moon will write next!

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Tea Chest, The
by Josephine Moon

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