The Broken

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Tamar Cohen, The Broken, book reviewTamar Cohen’s latest book, The Broken, is brilliant. It is the sort of compelling reading that is so difficult to put down and I guarantee it will have you on the edge of your seat as you are reading it. It is a book that you are unlikely to forget in a hurry! So what is it all about?

Josh and Hannah have been best friends with Dan and Sasha ever since their daughters, Lily and September were born four years before. The couples were pretty much inseparable, always round at each other’s houses, taking the girls out or sharing a pint together. Josh and Hannah would never have guessed that there was anything wrong in their friends’ perfect world which is why when, completely out of the blue, Dan announces he is leaving Sasha, they don’t know how to react. Determined not to take sides, they resolve to remain friends with both Sasha and Dan, even if that means making friends with Dan’s new girlfriend. However, they soon discover that remaining neutral is not an option as they become more and more embroiled in the acrimonious break-up.

Relations become even more strained as Sasha starts to behave very strangely. She is hardly recognisable as the bubbly and outgoing woman she was only a few short weeks before. As her behaviour increases in its strangeness, the story takes on an unexpected intensity and becomes more sinister page by page. The reader cannot fail to sympathise with Hannah and Josh as their friends’ problems become more and more claustrophobic and ultimately start to impact on their own marriage.

The Broken’ is such a riveting read that was so difficult to put down. I felt compelled to keep reading into the small hours. The suspense and the intensity is at times almost unbearable but that is what makes it such a compelling book. It is also quite scary how an apparently solid relationship can unravel in such a short space of time. It makes you want to be that bit more careful about your own relationship.

I had previously read Tamar Cohen’s book, Someone Else’s Wedding, which I had very much enjoyed. However, The Broken is even better in so many unexpected ways. It is a must read for anyone who likes suspense mixed in with a bit of gritty reality.

The Broken by Tamar Cohen
Published by Doubleday, May 2014
Thanks to the publisher for sending a review copy.

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Broken, The
by Tamar Cohen

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