The More You Give, the More You will Get Back

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I Have a Dream, Rashmi Bansal, book reviewIt is a truth universally acknowledged that self help books are the trend of the day because they encourage others to dream. Rashmi Bansal has put together a handy collection of the realized dreams of 20 social entrepreneurs to serve as examples for others to follow. The entrepreneurs are clubbed in 3 groups: “rainmakers”, “changemakers”, and “the spiritual capitalist”, with individual chapters which have admittedly intriguing titles like ‘The Girl in the Mirror’, “Soul Food’ and ‘Lead Kindly Light’, to mention a few.

Bansal takes Martin Luther King’s famous speech of August 1963 as the starting point for her book, though she is quick to point out that the people she has chosen ‘are …not Mother Teresa. They are using the principles of business, to create a better world’. To prove her point, in Caste Away, she tells the story of Sulabh International whose business concept was devoted to realizing Gandhi’s dream of a clean India – Sulabh public toilets are now fixtures in most Indian cities.

There are other examples like a courier service that was started using dumb couriers since its conceiver the young Dhruv Lakra had a stroke of insight regarding the parcel receiving process. You open the door, see a parcel and simply sign for it – there is no real need for any verbal dialogue.

The book is simply written and easy to go through, with advice for future entrepreneurs pertaining to each chapter. Bansal’s first book, ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’ was on a similar subject, talking about 25 MBAs who left their safe jobs to become entrepreneurs. That sold over 300,000 copies and was translated into eight languages. Bansal is a guest lecturer at various reputed business schools and quite obviously does not subscribe to Abhjit V Banerjee’s theory as expressed in Poor Economics that India does not need entrepreneurs and that most of India’s poor prefer jobs.

I Have a Dream by Rashmi Bansal
Published by Westland in India, April 2011

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I Have a Dream
by Rashmi Bansal

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Written by Anjana Basu
Anjana Basu

Anjana Basu works as an advertising consultant in Calcutta. In 2003, Harper Collins India brought out her novel Curses In Ivory. In 2004, she was awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship in Scotland where she worked on her second novel, Black Tongue, published by Roli in 2007. In February 2010. her children's novel Chinku and the Wolfboy was brought out by Roli. She writes features for travel magazines and reviews for Indian newspapers.

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