No Turning Back

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No Turning Back  by Susan Lewis, book reviewNo Turning Back is the latest book from Susan Lewis, one of my favourite authors. She always writes highly charged and emotional novels dealing with family dramas. They are the sort of books that you can hardly bear to put down because of the utmost need to find out what happens in the end. No Turning Back is just as good as all of her other novels that I have read and left me feeling like an emotional wreck at the end, although in a most satisfying way.

Life has never been easy for Eva Montgomery. Her mother died when she was only four; after she became a successful model, she was the victim of a savage knife attack that left her scarred for life; and, worst of all, after giving birth to the baby boy she was carrying at the time of the attack, she felt unable to cope and gave him away for adoption – an act that she has always regretted.

Sixteen years later, life is slightly better. She is married to Don, the policeman who supported her at the time of the attack, she runs a successful designer shop and is surrounded by a close, supportive network of family and friends. She is still haunted by the past though and not a day goes by when she does not think about the little boy she gave away who must be heading rapidly towards becoming a man. Apart from this, on a day to day basis she is quite happy with her lot – that is, until quite unexpectedly out of the blue, she finds herself faced with the most unimaginable betrayal. Not knowing how she will possibly cope, there is only one thing left to keep her going but will she ever find the information that she needs to bring her closer to her long lost son?

No Turning Back is an absolutely riveting read and I was hooked from the very first page until the very last. The story is cleverly written and continually drops hooks and hints in order to keep the reader guessing and there are definitely quite a few surprises in this book. At times Eva’s story is traumatic and painful but there are also some more lighter uplifting moments too. This was a book that had me reaching for the tissues more than once.

There are quite a few story lines interwoven and that means that there are lots of lovely interesting characters too. Eva is a wonderful main character and I found myself warming to her from the start. We also meet her sister, her rather eccentric stepmother, her difficult and angry stepdaughter and many other friends and family. As the many story lines deal with the many complexities of relationships that exist within families and between friends, all these characters contribute equally to the story and my overall enjoyment. The tensions and the quarrels (as well as the love and the support) are ones that I am sure many readers will identify with in one way or another.

No Turning Back is quite a long book with 500 pages but every page is necessary and it will still leave you wanting more. This is a wonderful book by an excellent author and I definitely recommend it.

No Turning Back by Susan Lewis
Published by Arrow Books, May 2011
Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy.

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Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
No Turning Back
by Susan Lewis

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