Turn the Tides Gently (The Portsmouth Stories)

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Turn The Tides Gently (The Portsmouth Stories) Matt Wingett, book reviewTurn the Tides Gently is a novella for Kindle by Matt Wingett. It takes place in Matt’s hometown of Portsmouth and neighbouring Southsea, centring around a character named Dave. Dave is being looked after in a hostel as he appears to be suffering from schizophrenia.

The scene is set with some beautifully descriptive language as Dave wanders on Southsea common near the sea. As the novella develops, there is more in terms of action and dialogue. Dave is frustrated by the treatment he is given at the hostel and attempts to escape. He hallucinates and is constantly drawn to the sea where he is convinced he sees a mermaid on more than one occasion.

The plot is a fascinating one, and I had no idea how it was going to unravel. I read the novella at one sitting; it is quite short and I found it compelling. There are many references to streets and landmarks in both Portsmouth and Southsea, so it is interesting for local residents but might also encourage others to visit the city. Fans of Jimi Hendrix and lovers of cats who believe they have special powers will also be intrigued by Wingett’s novella.

Although Dave is the central character who is present throughout, the novella is written in the third person. Considering the outcome, a first person narrative would not have worked. Unusually, Wingett writes in the present tense; this is often hard to pull off successfully, but in Turn the Tides Gently it gives the story an immediacy.

After the close of the novella, Wingett includes the opening section of another work of fiction to whet our appetite. I enjoyed Turn the Tides Gently, and I would recommend in particular to anyone whose life is so busy that they perhaps don’t have time to read full-length novels.

Turn the Tides Gently (The Portsmouth Stories) by Matt Wingett

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Turn the Tides Gently (The Portsmouth Stories)
by Matt Wingett

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