Married by Christmas

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Married by Christmas, Scarlett Bailey, book reviewMarried by Christmas is Scarlett Bailey’s second novel and follows the festive theme from her first book, The Night Before Christmas. This latest book is an enjoyable light read that is a perfect distraction from the mayhem that occurs in the run-up to Christmas.

Anna Carter has always dreamed of a Christmas Eve wedding and that is what she is determined to have. Her fiancé, Tom, proposed on Christmas Day the year before and Anna’s winter wonderland wedding has been a year in the planning. With only a couple of weeks to go, everything is organised which is how it needs to be for meticulous Anna. At this late stage, nothing can possibly go wrong. Or can it? When Tom suddenly starts acting quite strangely, Anna immediately becomes suspicious. As it turns out, she has every right to be suspicious as Tom is desperately trying to find out if his drunken wedding in a bar to a Las Vegas many years ago was legal. Tom had forgotten all about it but now it turns out it was legal.

You would think that that would be the end of Anna’s wedding plans. However, she has other ideas. Determined that she still will be ‘Married by Christmas’, she heads off to New York in an attempt to find Tom’s wife, Charisma, and get the marriage annulled. Although it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, she is determined. Will she achieve her mission in time? And will she still want to marry Tom after everything that he has put her through?

Married by Christmas is an entertaining read that could provide a light distraction in the run up to the festive season. It’s fun and provides quite a few laughs. The characters are interesting too although it took me a while to like Anna and I started by thinking that her obsession with a Christmas Eve wedding at any cost was quite shallow. However, as I got to know her through the story, it did become understandable why she felt the way she did, because of her tragic upbringing as a child. Her belief that magical things can happen at Christmas is quite infectious too.

Although the story is quite light, it does demonstrate how complicated relationships can be particularly when partners do not talk to each other. There are definitely some more thoughtful moments as well as all of the funny ones.

Overall Married by Christmas is an enjoyable book and I would quite happily read more from Scarlett Bailey.

Married by Christmas by Scarlett Bailey
Published by Ebury Press, October 2012
Thanks to Ebury Press for providing a review copy.

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Married by Christmas
by Scarlett Bailey

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