Until I Die

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Until I Die (Die for ME) by Amy Plum, book reviewUntil I Die is the second novel in Amy Plum’s Die For Me series. In the first novel, Die For Me, we were introduced to Kate, our heroine, an American who moves to Paris with her sister Georgia to live with their grandparents following the death of their parents. Kate meets Vincent, and is soon drawn into the world of the revenants, of which Vincent is one – undead beings who die over and over again saving human lives, always coming back to life at the age at which they originally died when human.

Until I Die continues the story. Kate has been accepted by the revenant community, but things aren’t easy for her and Vincent. With her unable to bear the thought of living through his death again and again after what happened to her parents, he has promised to resist the compulsion to die, something which causes him suffering. Kate is determined to find a way to make this easier for him, but on top of this there are signs of more trouble from the numa, the enemies of the revenants, plus some new additions to Vincent’s revenant family to deal with.

The world introduced in Die For Me was captivating, even though the general outline of the story was familiar. Revenants were a new and interesting addition to the young adult supernatural genre, and in Until I Die we continue to learn more about them and their history. There are new characters to meet, such as Violette who is 500 years old, and more revenant history to be unveiled.

The story of the series in general is nothing new to the genre, in fact it is very familiar – normal human girl who hasn’t had an easy time recently meets a supernatural boy, gets into plenty of danger while falling hopelessly in love. Now in Until I Die the story continues in an equally familiar way – Kate and Vincent are devoted to one another but obstacles are thrown in their path. The setting of Paris does add a breath of fresh air, and in fact is perfect for the type of supernatural creatures who fill the pages of Until I Die – the good versus evil of the revenants and numa is similar to angels and demons, one dedicated to saving human lives and the other to ending them. While I can’t say specifically why, this fits Paris perfectly, with its many churches and beautiful architecture.

Plum’s writing is good, and her style suits the storyline well. Kate is thoughful and introspective, but not so much as to get annoying. Plum sets a good pace and builds tension, with everything pointing to the inevitable showdown. Until I Die has a fairly whopping cliffhanger – if I didn’t know there was at least one more book to come, I’d think she had simply decided to eschew the usual happy ending of these types of books, given how final the end seems; but as there is more to come in the series, the happy ending needn’t be written off just yet.

Until I Die is an excellent sequel to Die For Me, and doesn’t fall short of the great story and characters established in the first novel. This is a young adult novel, but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages for its addition of revenants to the supernatural genre. I would however recommend that you start with Die For Me, as Until I Die doesn’t fully recap the events and character set up of the first novel.

Until I Die by Amy Plum
Published by Atom, May 2012
Many thanks to Atom (imprint of Little Brown) for providing a review copy of Until I Die.

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Until I Die
by Amy Plum

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