A Salute to ‘The God of Cricket’

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SACHIN : Genius Unplugged by  Suresh Menon, book reviewWorld Cup time is possibly the best time to bring out a book on Sachin Tendulkar, so that his fans can both read and admire his current exploits live on the television. Perhaps the only Indian who has touched as many lives as Sach is Amitabh Bachchan. Both are figures for a millennium. Tendulkar is even more unusual because his life has never been touched by scandal, nor has he been seen to lose his cool under the greatest of match pressure, which makes him a role model for young India.

Sachin – Genius Unplugged is a collection of 18 essays deftly edited by famous cricket writer, columnist and author Suresh Menon. Of course the essayists are equally well known, including names of the calibre of Harsha Bogle, Ayaz Memon, Peter Roebuck, Bishen Singh Bedi and R Mohan. There are also essays by those who have shared the dressing room with Tendulkar, including Sanjay Manjrekar, Kumble and Dravid.

The idea for the book came out of Mohan’s conversation with a friend and the essayists were briefed to be personal and throw in some interesting anecdotes while keeping whatever they wrote professional. Because of the format and the photographs it is bound to appeal to two kinds of readers, those who like to skim through and those who read in depth from cover to cover. The writing is very readable and the collection could in fact also be called a chronicle of good sports writing .

Add to that the fact that it has unusual facts like Anil Kumble confessing that he never had the felicity of bowling to Tendulkar in a domestic match, thanks to the ‘vagaries of Indian domestic cricket’ despite the fact that his career covered two decades and Tendulkar is still playing. And if you’re into stats, there is a collection of graphs at the back of the book.

The book reflects Tendulkar’s accomplishments fairly accurately , and is something youngsters taking to cricket will enjoy reading, while fans of the ‘god of cricket’ will jealously hoard it in their libraries.

Sachin – Genius Unplugged by Suresh Menon
Published by Westland in India


Buy book online
Buy book online
Sach - Genius Unplugged
by Suresh Menon

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