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Two Fates: The Story Of My Divorce,  Judy Balan, book reviewAd woman turned writer, Judy Balan takes her readers on a romp through a two state marriage with a nod at Chetan Bhagat and a twist of the title. Deepika is a Tamilian married to a Punjabi Rishab and it was a love marriage. Their odd assortment of relatives from the north and south have more less accustomed themselves to the mingling of cultures, since it’s been four years anyway, but Deepika is convinced that she and Rishab have fallen out of love. Both of them are fed up with their every day lives – Deepika wants to quit advertising; Rishab wants to leave the executive perks that his IIM status entitle him to and become a writer. Sex is fleeting though passionate and Deepika thinks that’s another problem. All in all, they’re on the verge of deciding to get divorced. However that causes another problem – the families have fallen in love with each other and decided that the North meets South thing is good after all.

Most cynical readers will by now have realised how this book is going to end but curiosity as to how Balan manages it keeps the interest going. There is a plethora of attempts by well meaning mothers, aunts and cousins to take the ideal marriage to the next step – which means an ideal family. And that includes a second honeymoon to Edinburgh accompanied by the effervescent Twinkle, a fertility kit and some hot pink stilettos.

Though the second honeymoon has to be aborted because a very unique family crisis gets in the way – high drama from another of those cousins that only Rishab seems to be able to avert. The point is similar to the one made by Chetan Bhagat in 2 States – it’s easy to be a rebel but all that harder to persuade people, especially families. that you have a reason for what you did and win them over to your point of view.

In all, it’s a light hearted look at the way couples throw their lives around without much reason and are unwilling to admit that frogs can be princes and princes occasionally two time as frogs. Throw in a few modern things like a psychoanalyst, a marriage counsellor and a guru and you have the perfect ingredients for a happy in-flight read.

Two Fates – The story of my divorce by Judy Balan
Published by Westland in India, 2011

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Two Fates: The Story Of My Divorce
by Judy Balan

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