The Litigators

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The Litigators , John Grisham, book reviewA few years ago I was an avid reader of John Grisham books but recently seemed to lose interest in them. However, when I saw his latest book, The Litigators, it caught my interest and I decided to give him another go. I am really glad that I did as I really enjoyed this book and it has rekindled my interest in John Grisham so much so that he is now firmly back on my ‘must read’ list!

The Litigators seems to be a typical John Grisham legal thriller and courtroom drama where the little man takes on the big guns. In this case the little men are the ’boutique’ firm of Finley and Figg and the big guns are a pharmaceutical company called Arrick which has a drug on the market called Krayoxx that is designed to reduce cholesterol levels in overweight people. There are claims that this drug causes heart attacks leading to premature deaths and there are many law firms ready to take on clients to fight for compensation. When Wally Figg hears about this, he is determined to find some clients for his small firm in order to get a part of the action and hopefully, eventually, strike it rich!

Across town in Chicago, another lawyer, David Zinc, is completely disillusioned with the extremely long hours and the tedium involved in working with one of the city’s most prestigious law firms. One morning he just flips, walks out, spends the whole day evening and ultimately finds himself outside the doors of Finley and Figg. The three join forces to form an unlikely alliance where they plan to take on Arrick and claim a huge settlement for all of their clients. However, Arrick believe in their wonder drug so actually want to see the case tried before a jury which is what finally happens. The only problem is that neither Wally Figg, Oscar Finley or David Zinc have ever set foot in a federal court before! It looks as if they do not stand a chance!

What follows in The Litigators, is a fascinating tale of misjudgement, ineptitude and bad fortune. It seems that everything that could go wrong does and when the going gets tough the trio find themselves on their own and up against it! I found it fascinating and gripping and kept on wanting to read more. If you like legal thrillers, you will find all of the aspects of the mass claim riveting and the court scenes really absorbing.

I liked the fact that within this intense story, Grisham has created three wonderful characters that I found myself really rooting for. Each has his individual strengths and weaknesses and his own history. It is just a shame for them that no one’s history involves bringing a huge claim before a federal court! I loved the way that Grisham combined their optimism and desperation in equal measures.

I said earlier that it looked like the trio did not stand a chance against the mighty pharmaceutical firm, but I am not going to say whether they did win. I will suggest that you read The Litigators though, and then you will find out for yourself. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

The Litigators by John Grisham
Published by Hodder & Stoughton, October 2011
I am very grateful to the publisher for sending me a review copy.

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Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
The Litigators
by John Grisham

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