The Vampire’s Warden

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The Vampire’s Warden by S.J. Wright, book reviewWhile browsing the recent selection of free Kindle books on Amazon, I was quite pleased to come across The Vampire’s Warden by S.J. Wright. I have quite a weak spot for supernatural fiction, particularly vampire fiction, and although there is plenty of it cheap on Amazon, it’s not often I spot a free book.

The full title as given on Amazon is The Vampire’s Warden, A Paranormal Romance (Undead in Brown County #1), indicating it was the start of a series. The main character is Sarah, who in her early twenties has lost both her parents and is now responsible for running the family’s rural Inn. Things take a bit of an odd turn however when a stranger named Alex turns up and claims that her mother has sent him – her mother who was supposed to have died in a car crash when Sarah was just a little girl. Not only that, but her father’s friend gives her a journal written by her grandfather which seems to be saying that the Inn has a containment area for vampires – of which Sarah is now the Warden. Surely not she thinks…

The story of The Vampire’s Warden is certainly a little different to the norm. Yes there are attractive male vampires and yes Sarah develops feelings for them, but this is the first vampire fiction I have read in which our human heroine is a vampire Warden, responsible for keeping them in the containment area. So while the writing is not excellent, the story has an edge which makes The Vampire’s Warden a bit more interesting than the rest.

“For a free book, The Vampire’s Warden is excellent.”

The writing, as I mentioned above, is not excellent, but it is better than a lot of other cheap supernatural fiction available for Kindle. On the whole the grammar is acceptable, and there aren’t a great deal of spelling/typing errors. The style is somewhat cheesy, for lack of a better word – it does suit the rural American setting however. One plus point is that the novel is not littered with pop culture references, as can happen in a lot of supernatural fiction, and the character’s names are all sensible and not attention-grabbing.

Although I refer to it as a novel, The Vampire’s Warden is actually a novella. I read it in a couple of hours, and that wasn’t even non-stop. The ending is such a cliffhanger that I had to download the second installment immediately – which was probably the plan on the part of the author. One thing which becomes more apparent in the second part, The Vampire’s Curse, although you can see it beginning in The Vampire’s Warden, is the lack of explanation for events or feelings. I’ve now read two installments of what is going to be a trilogy, and I’m none the wiser as to why certain characters dislike each other or why one character is seen as so dangerous by the others. I really hope part three will answer all these questions.

For a free book, The Vampire’s Warden is excellent. It is not one to pay more than a couple of quid for, but it is an enjoyable read, and as you can tell from me having downloaded part two immediately, it is quite compelling.

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Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
Vampire’s Warden, The
by S.J. Wright

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