Something from Tiffany’s

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Something from Tiffany's,  Melissa Hill, book reviewMelissa Hill is one of my favourite Irish authors and I know that I am always going to enjoy reading her books. She tends to write about everyday women facing everyday issues. However, in her latest book ‘Something from Tiffany’s‘, she introduces a little bit of modern fairytale magic. This is especially so as the story opens in New York on Christmas Eve, with two very different men heading towards Tiffany’s in order to make purchases for quite different reasons.

Ethan, and his eight year old daughter Daisy, are heading to that famous jewellery store in order to buy an engagement ring. After the death of Ethan’s beloved wife, Jane, he never thought that he would find anyone to love so much again. That was before he met Vanessa though, and with Daisy’s approval, he has decided she is the one. Once the ring is bought, his intention is to present it to Vanessa and propose on Christmas Day.

Also heading towards Tiffany’s is Gary whose girlfriend Rachel has paid for their trip to New York. After a last minute spending spree on himself, he realises that he has not yet bought a Christmas Gift for Rachel. Inside the store, he picks up one of the cheapest pieces he can find – a silver charm bracelet. Both men leave the store at about the same time, but Gary inadvertently steps out in front of a cab and is knocked down. Ethan comes to his rescue but amid all the chaos a couple of bags get switched and you can guess which ones! As a consequence, Christmas Day does not exactly turn out the way any of them expects!

“I always find Melissa Hill’s books fresh and original and this was exactly the case with ‘Something from Tiffany’s‘”

This all occurs very early on in the story, and what ensues from there on are Ethan’s attempts to get the ring back which means travelling to Dublin (where Gary and Rachel live) from his London home. Unfortunately, Gary, being an unscrupulous opportunist, is now passing the ring of as one that he bought and as a consequence Rachel now believes that he always intended a big proposal. Will Ethan be able to get back the ring to give to Vanessa without shattering all of Rachel’s dreams?

It is a tricky problem that makes for an absorbing tale that had me hooked from the very start. All of the characters are very believable and from the very start I knew who I was rooting for. Things are never quite that simple though and although it is very easy to think Gary is quite despicable and that Ethan is the good guy, it does not always feel like that. Also, in true Melissa Hill style, things are not always what you think, and once again it was impossible for me to predict the outcome.

Although I have read quite a few books from Melissa Hill, I always find them fresh and original and this was exactly the case with ‘Something from Tiffany’s‘. It is a thoroughly entertaining story that I did not want to put down. The pace, and the way the story alternated between the two couples, worked really well; the plot was quite gripping; the characters provided great variety too. It had all the ingredients that I look for in a good book and I definitely recommend it.

Something from Tiffany’s by Melissa Hill
Published by Hodder & Stoughton, May 2011
With thanks to Hodder & Stoughton for providing a review copy

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Something from Tiffany's
by Melissa Hill

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