The Baby Trail

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The Baby Trail, Sinead Moriarty, book reviewJust lately I seem to be stumbling across a number of wonderful Irish writers and I’ve just discovered another one – Sinead Moriarty! I have just read The Baby Trail which I believe was her first book and is also the first in a series about a young couple – Emma and James Hamilton – and their quest to have a baby. I found it was a brilliant read from cover to cover and it was the sort of book that I really did not want to put down.

The subject matter is really quite sensitive as anyone who is trying for a baby will soon tell you. The book follows Emma’s total obsession with wanting to have a baby – all the highs and lows although there are significantly more lows than highs! Emma starts off quite optimistically, like most people, expecting to get pregnant within a few months. She and her husband do ‘it’ at the most likely time of the month, she reassess her diet and makes sure she’s giving herself every possible chance! However, within a few months, there is still no sign of a baby, so seeking medical advice, she finds herself subjected to all manner of investigations, a course of fertility drugs and eventually IVF treatment.

Emma finds herself becoming increasingly desperate and often taking out her frustrations on her incredibly patient husband. However, at times he has to tell her she is going too far particularly when she turns up at his office when he is in the middle of a meeting, demanding to have sex there and then because it is the right time! Also he finds her booking a trip to Lourdes tom pray for a miracle just slightly difficult to take!

“Sinead Moriarty’s other books are definitely on my Amazon wish list now!”

Emma is a wonderful character and I warmed to her immediately probably because I could identify with what she was going through. I really was willing her to conceive by the end of the book and each time she wasn’t pregnant I think I felt her despair almost as much as she did. Most of the story is told by her, in the first person, and because of this, you really feel you get to know the character and what she is thinking. Emma is also surrounded by a host of other wonderful characters who often create a welcome diversion to her plight. An overbearing mother, a younger sister who is in danger of going off the rails and a friend who is desperate to settle down are just a few. All are really well developed and perfect for the story.

Although it is a sensitive subject the story is told with a great deal of humour and is really terribly funny in places. It is actually one of those rare books where I have not been able to stop myself laughing out loud. As I read much of the book on a train journey you can imagine some of the strange looks I received. Although it is funny though it is also incredibly moving and I am sure that there are many women who will read it and emphathise with what Emma goes through!

Because of this I am not sure whether I would recommend the book to women who are finding it hard to get pregnant or not. It might provide just the tonic and help to put things in perspective but on the other hand, it might just hit too many raw nerves. Having spent a year myself, desperate to conceive after a miscarriage, I found I could really identfy with things Emma did. I remember being very aware of the right times of the month and almost jumping on my husband as he walked through the door, and I also remember the incredibly strong jealous pangs I experienced whenever I heard that anyone else was pregnant. As I am now lucky to have two beautiful daughters I was able to read the book and laugh but I don’t think I would have been able to in other circumstances!

This is an excellent book and I was very pleased when I realised that it is not the last about Emma and James. Sinead Moriarty’s other books are definitely on my Amazon wish list now!

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Baby Trail, The
by Sinead Moriarty

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