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Teach Yourself Improve Your French Package (Book + 2 CDs) (Improve Your Language) By (author) Jean-Claude ArragonA wide choice of materials is available for beginners learning French, but resources that help you attain fluency and study the finer, more advanced points of grammar are harder to find. One that definitely warrants consideration is Teach Yourself Improve Your French. It comprises a book and two sixty-minute CDs for learners at intermediate level.

The ten units contain dialogues with explanatory vocabulary lists and language activities based upon the dialogues. There are in addition two of Victor Hugo’s poems, one or two passages about France’s geography, economy and education system, a weather forecast and a President’s New Year address. Business vocabulary is introduced as well as colloquial style. You can hear an official phone call and a more informal one on the CD, and learn how to compose a letter as well as fill in forms in French.

The grammar covered in Improve Your French reviews structures that would normally be taught in a beginner’s book, such as the tu and vous forms, and the present, perfect, imperfect and future verb tenses. More advanced grammar topics are introduced in the form of the subjunctive mood, the passive voice, direct and indirect speech, how to say ‘having done’, and more. Explanations are thorough and include examples as well as tables for clarity.

Like most language course books, there are answers to all exercises at the end of the book as well as a glossary. In addition, an index of language points has been included: a language summary would not be necessary, as the points are so clearly explained within the units. The appendices provide interesting information on ‘false friends’, Franglais, vocabulary development, grammatical definitions, the gender of nouns and the sounds of French.

Improve Your French looks like an average-sized book, but it is packed with language practice and grammar topics that would enable any learner with a grasp of basic French to move beyond beginner level and have confidence and fluency.


Buy book online
Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
Teach Yourself Improve Your French
by Jean-Claude Arragon

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