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The French Experience 2 Language Pack By Jeanine Picard, By Mike GarnierWhether you are embarking on self-study or a private tuition course in French,THE FRENCH EXPERIENCE is highly recommended. Writing and grammar are not over-emphasised, but if you wish to speak, understand and read texts, there is a wealth of material here. Each unit focuses on a particular topic such as health, travel, food and drink, professions, holidays and so on, providing useful vocabulary for tourists as well as residents. The CDs contain authentic dialogues and interviews recorded in France; within each unit the recordings concentrate initially on listening and recognising vocabulary, and then on the learner producing similar language through role-play.

THE FRENCH EXPERIENCE 2 enables you to progress through intermediate level French, increasing your fluency and understanding. The ten units each comprise six pages of audio-based material, concentrating therefore on listening and speaking skills; four pages of reading material, with texts from newspapers and magazines; and two pages for ‘language production’ by the learner through, for example, role-play. There is also a ‘Profile’ at the end of each unit, centring on an interesting personality or institution. This section will stretch your knowledge and understanding of French considerably more than the regular exercises. After each two units, a four-page assessment unit reviews your progress.

Topics are similar in nature to those of Book 1: accommodation, money, leisure, lifestyle, weather and so on. The grammar of Book 1 is consolidated and moves further up the ladder in Book 2 to include the subjunctive, the conditional tense, infinitives followed by à or de, when to use c’est and when il est.

The French Experience 2 has a more international flavour, with recordings from francophone countries such as Belgium, Switzerland and Ivory Coast as well as France. Reading texts give an introduction to Vietnam, Canada and Senegal. This is an overview of the content, unit by unit:

Unite 1 – Langues et Pays (Languages and Countries)

Talking about languages people speak; arranging to meet; making appointments.

Unite 2 – Origines et Logements (Origins and homes)

Talking about your background, your home; enquiring about properties for sale; booking a hotel.

Self-Assessment Test 1

Unite 3 – Argent (Money)

talking about money and the cost of living; doing business at a bank; making arrangements to collect a hire car

Unite 4 – Environnements – (Environments)

talking about your home town, the environment, the weather; getting around the place you are visiting, buying a guide book, enquiring about holiday information.

Self-Assessment Test 2

Unite 5 – Gastronomie (Gastronomy)

buying and talking about food; understanding recipes, dishes and menus; ordering food in a restaurant.

Unite 6 – Metiers (Jobs)

talking about your job, hours of work, why you like or dislike your job; preparing a CV; taking part in a job interview.

Self-Assessment Test 3

Unite 7 – Generations (Generations)

talking about family and friends; asking for advice on obtaining a bus pass; using the telephone system in France.

Unite 8 – Transports et Voyages

travel – asking about times and timetables; making and changing a reservation; asking for directions.

Self-Assessment Test 4

Unite 9 – Societes (Societies)

talking more about your background; why you live where you do; what you miss about home; comparing different lifestyles; putting forward an argument.

Unite 10 – Loisirs (Leisure)

how you spend your free time; talking about holidays and time off work; what you can and can’t do; enquiring about and hiring leisure equipment; reporting a car breakdown, obtaining help.

Self-Assessment Test 5

As with Book 1, a language summary, a glossary, tape transcripts and answers to all exercises can be found at the back of the book. Certainly a comprehensive course for listening, speaking and reading, the weaknesses of The French Experience are the lack of focus on writing skills and the shortage of grammar practice.

So do I recommend this course? There are fewer choices available for the intermediate learner of French than there are for the beginner. There is certainly a great deal of valuable material in The French Experience 2, but I would suggest that the serious student buy an accompanying grammar workbook such as the excellent Schaum’s Outlines of French Grammar to give comprehensive grammar explanations as well as practice. The French Experience 2 is obviously ideal for a student who intends to spend time in other French-speaking countries, whether Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, or African countries such as Ivory Coast, as the recordings give exposure to various accents. Even those visiting or emigrating to large towns and cities in France will of course encounter French speakers of other nationalities.

I have myself used The French Experience 2 with several adult students who had already completed a beginners’ course. It is quite challenging, in particular the ‘Profil’ passage at the end of each unit, but this could be omitted for the less brave learner. It is a well-structured and organised course and is worthy of serious consideration, especially at the discounted price offered on, for example, the Amazon website.

THE FRENCH EXPERIENCE Part 2 by Mike Garnier (2004) 224 pages + CDs


Buy book online
Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
French Experience 2 (The), Language Pack
by Jeanine Picard and Mike Garnier

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