Thirty Nothing

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Thirty-nothing By Lisa Jewell, book reviewI have recently become a huge fan of the writer Lisa Jewell and I am now on a quest to read as many of her books as I can. Hot on the heels of reading ‘One Hit Wonder’, which I absolutely adored and couldn’t put down, I was able to get a copy of Thirty Nothing which I have just finished reading. It had a lot to live up to after One Hit Wonder, but Lisa Jewell has done it it again with this book and has written another fantastic book that I really loved reading.

Thirty Nothing features two main characters – Dig (short for Digby) and Nadeen – who have been best friends ever since they were at school together and are now just entering their thirties – hence the title! The trouble is that because they are such good friends, they both fail to see what is staring everyone else in the face, and that is the fact that they are made for each other. Instead, they both go out with a steady stream of short term and highly unsuitable boyfriends or girlfriends, whilst reserving their more quality moments for each other. They would have probably been quite happy to keep on like this if it were not for the sudden reappearance of Dig’s other great love from school – the totally gorgeous Delilah!

Delilah’s re-emergence leads both Dig and Nadeen to start behaving totally out of character. Dig starts behaving like a love-struck teenager whilst Nadeen starts becoming quite obsessive almost to the point of stalking Dig to find out what’s going on. All of a sudden the former best friends quite agree on anything especially when Nadeen decides to meet up with her former love, Phil, an extremely suitable character. Nadeen is obviously jealous and Dig is totally blinded by Delilah? So where will it all end up. Can they get back their friendship or might they come to realise that they want even more than that? And then of course there’s the possibility that they might walk off into the sunset in totally different directions – Dig with Delilah and Nadeen with Phil? It’s certainly a book that keeps you guessing but you will have to read it to ultimately find out!

Thirty Nothing’ is really successful because of the two brilliant main characters. They are both so immensely likeable and because of this you feel that you want to be on their sides and see them get it together. I particularly loved Nadeen’s character and felt that I was able to emphasise with her a lot – especially all the times she behaves rashly – like leaving drunken messages on Dig’s answer phone – and then regretting it. Dig is also a great character always wanting to do the best for everyone which is why he ends up looking after Delilah’s rather strange looking dog (which she has bizarrely named Digby) whilst she disappears for hours on end.

Thirty Nothing’ is well written and well paced and makes you keep want to reading more. Like many of my favourite books, I started quite slowly until I really got into the story and then ended up reading the last two hundred pages or so within the space of a day. It is generally a light hearted read although there are some more serious moments especially when Delilah reveals to Dig things that happened in her past that made her leave him. It is really quite sad and thought provoking at those times. Overall though it is a very uplifting and enjoyable book to read and I loved it.

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Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
Thirty Nothing
by Lisa Jewell

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  1. eilidhcatriona
    17/12/2010 at 10:35 Permalink

    I only got round to reading this recently, I really enjoyed it but I didn’t think it was Jewell’s strongest – I can’t recommend Vince & Joy highly enough, and Ralph’s Party is great as well, if you haven’t read them yet. I like Jewell because she writes intelligent chick lit – none of the usual mind numbing sameness from her!

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