The Ice Cream Girls

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The Ice Cream Girls By Dorothy Koomson, book reviewDorothy Koomson is another of my favourite authors and I always know that reading her books is going to be most enjoyable and also quite emotional. I have just finished reading her latest offering – The Ice Cream Girls which did not disappoint me in the least.

The Ice Cream Girls are actually Poppy Carlisle and Serina Gorringe. As teenagers they were both seduced and had relationships with their history teacher Marcus. This is made clear at the start of the book when the reader is also made aware that Marcus died and both teenagers were tried for his murder. They were nicknamed ‘the ice cream girls’ by the press after a particularly seductive photo of them licking ice cream on a beach appeared. That was twenty years ago though but the women are still haunted by the events that occurred as they try to continue with their lives. One of the women was convicted and has spent the last twenty years in prison whereas the other one has been able to build a life but is always looking over her shoulder in case the past catches up with her.

Now out of prison, the one who was convicted is desperate to find the other and to try and set the record straight especially as she still protests her innocence. The other of course is most reluctant to open up such a can of worms and starts living her life in fear in case of what people might find out. It makes for the most compelling read and I found that it was a book that I just could not put down.

The book is written in an interesting way as it is written from both Serena’s and Poppy’s viewpoints. Sometimes the story takes place in the present and at other times the reader is transported back twenty past and learning more about Marcus and how he treated the two young girls. This does not always make easy reading as there is a streak of cruelty that becomes stronger the more the girls become attached to him. There is also the very sad fallout that occurs when the families of the two teenagers find out what has been going on and how their daughters have been lying to them. They are faced with the dilemma of whether to believe all the evidence or to believe that either of their daughters could not possibly have murdered anyone.

All of the characterisation in the book is excellent. You really feel that you get to know Poppy and Serena – both now and then – and understand them too. There are lots of other characters too that are very real in their own ways. There are many family members who are affected by what happened and their parts of the story are often very poignant.

There are many themes in The Ice Cream Girls – young love, betrayal, violence, revenge to name just a few and these all mesh together extremely well. It is a most thought provoking and emotional read and I could hardly bring myself to put it down until I had finished.

If you are a fan of Dorothy Koomson then The Ice Cream Girls is a must read. In my opinion it ranks up there with My Best Friend’s Girl and Goodnight Beautiful. I definitely recommend it.

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Ice Cream Girls, The
by Dorothy Koomson

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