Pastures New

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Pastures New By Julia Williams, book reviewI have previously read two superb books by Julia Williams and it is now my mission to read all her novels. The latest one I have read is Pastures New which I believe is actually the first book that she wrote. First books can sometimes be a bit disappointing (especially if you have enjoyed later books by the same author) but not this one. Pastures New was immensely readable and enjoyable from the moment I picked it up to the moment I read the last page. It also only took a matter of days to read as I just did not want to put it down!

In the book, Amy, a young widow, moves to the small village of Nevermorewell in an attempt to start out again – hence the title. Her former partner and father to five year old Josh died in a motorbike accident a couple of years ago. Amy knows that she has to get on with her life particularly for Josh’s sake and Nevermorewell seems the best place to do it. Everyone is so friendly and she even has an allotment to take care of. She is soon befriended by Saffron who needs help with her gardening business after being left in the lurch, and kindly old Harry, an octogenarian, who quickly becomes a surrogate father and grandfather figure to Amy and Josh. And then there’s always Ben the dishy local doctor who is always willing to help out. It’s just such a shame that Amy knows that she will never fall in love again after Jamie – or will she?

This was such a wonderful storyline with such loveable characters that I was immediately hooked. I had to keep reading just to find out what happened next. It was not only the main story lines surrounding Amy that had me hooked, but a number of other story lines as well that were interwoven so well. Julia Williams has a wonderful easy way of storytelling and having read two other by her I felt that her style was very familiar.

She is also so good at creating lovely believable characters that you can’t help but end up rooting for. Amy was strong yet vulnerable  but also very determined. She was also quite a frustrating character in her determination to go it alone and at times I wanted to just give her a big shake and make her at least try and work out things with Ben! My favourite character had to be Harry – warm, and grouchy in equal measures but with a heart of gold and he would have done anything for Amy and Josh. There was such a warmth to all the characters and it was enjoyable to read of the community that built up round the allotments.

Overall this was a fabulous book. At just under 500 pages it was just the right length with a good pace and a mixture of story lines that kept you wanting more. I must have read over 100 pager per day and I would have probably read more if I did not have a young family to look after!

This fabulous book is currently available in paperback on Amazon for only £4.99 (October 2010). I definitely recommend it if this is your type of book.

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Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
Pastures New
by Julia Williams

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