Single in the City

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Single in the City By Michele Gorman, book reviewSingle in the City is Michele Gorman’s first novel and it really is a good one! From the moment I picked it up, I did not want to put it down and just wanted to read more about the exploits of Hannah Cumming, the twenty six year old American heroine in the story.

At the start, Hannah is newly arrived in London having decided to leave her less than glamorous life in Connecticut behind and to start out afresh. She is searching for a dream job, dream friends and most of all a dream man. Unfortunately none of these come that easily and Hannah discovers that she does not like being alone in the big city especially with the somewhat surprising language and cultural differences that she starts to experience. She tends to court disaster wherever she goes, ending up in all sorts of seedy places and meeting men who are either married or smell. She does eventually find a potentially glamorous job as a party planner (although her boss seems to hate her) and she starts sharing a flat with some laid back Aussies in Earl’s Court. Things are starting to look up for Hannah’s social life but what about finding her dream man? He seems to be a bit more elusive although there’s always Sam in the office. The only problem is that he is also American and she did not trek all the way across the Atlantic to end up with someone that she could have met at home! Does that matter though if Sam really is the one for her?

Single in the City is the sort of book that holds your interest throughout. It has an amusing storyline with an extremely likeable main character. The style is very relaxed and almost conversational as it is written in the first person with Hannah telling her own story. This gives the reader access to Hannah’s thoughts and feelings which makes it extremely easy to get to know her character. It is also quite possible to identify with Hannah during all the highs and the lows that she experiences through her new life.A

“Perhaps Michele Gorman might be tempted to write a sequel!”

Michele Gorman is an American who now lives in London so she obviously knows what it is like to live in a big city in a foreign country. I found some of her observations about the different in language or expectations and the misunderstandings that they could lead to highly entertaining. It makes you think about all the differences that there are between the two countries even though on the surface they might seem very similar. It provided a very interesting slant to the story.

There are a number of footnotes included throughout which are used to explain any American references that the British reader might not understand. To be honest, many of these were unnecessary and actually a bit annoying as it is not that difficult to work out what these things are. I decided to start ignoring the footnotes after a while and I probably enjoyed the book even more by doing this as I was not continually interrupting my reading flow by looking at the footnotes. However, that is my only criticism of what is otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable novel.

Single in the City is light and it’s fun. It won’t take that long to read but it will probably leave you wanting to read more. Perhaps Michele Gorman might be tempted to write a sequel!

Single in the City by Michele Gorman
352 pages, Published by Penguin (Jun 2010)
Thanks to Penguin for providing a free review copy of the book.
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Single in the City
by Michele Gorman

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