To the Nines

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To the Nines (Paperback) By Janet Evanovich, book reviewI had never read any books by Janet Evanovich and so I didn’t really know what to expect when I picked up ‘To the Nines’ to read. Nor had I realised that this book is just one of a whole host featuring the central character, Stephanie Plum. This did not matter in the least though, as To the Nines really works as a standalone story and I was not aware of any references to events in previous novels, although they were probably inadvertently there.

I wasn’t totally sure that I was going to enjoy To the Nines when I started reading but it did really grow on me as I got into it, and I ended reading it all in only three days. It was a bit different from my usual choice of reading material and the characters felt a little two dimensional to start with. If anything, the story and the style reminded me of those old Dick Tracy type of films.

The main character is Stephanie Plum who lives in New Jersey and she works for her cousin Vinnie as a bond enforcer. This tends to lead her into all sorts of unwanted trouble, and in this book she ends up becoming the target in a deadly game which could end up with her losing her life. Luckily there are all manner of people who want to protect her, not least her cop boyfriend Joe Morrelli, and her workmate Ranger and all the people who work for him. Can any of them be enough to protect Stephanie from whoever is out to get her though?

To the Nines is quite an action packed read although somewhat predictable and packed with stereotypical characters. Despite all this though, it is quite an absorbing read and one that is likely to draw you in more and more. As far as suspense goes, there is some, but it is not done so well as to have my heart pounding as I read. It’s probably because the suspense is probably outweighed by the humour, much of it supplied by Stephanie’s and Joe’s dysfunctional families and her delusional workmate Loola. They all provide a good deal of light relief with their rather strange antics.

I did like Stephanie as the main character and you particularly feel that she is a bit of a hapless victim whom trouble just seems to follow. The story is told by Stephanie, and is written in the first person. However, I did not really feel that I got to know her as well as I would have expected through a first person narrative. It almost felt that Janet Evanovich was holding something back in her writing.

Despite that though, To the Nines is a very enjoyable book to read and definitely had me guessing up to the very last page. Once I had got into it, the book held my attention throughout and by the time that I reached the last page it felt like a very satisfying and complete read. Although I enjoyed it though, I’m not sure that I will be rushing out to read more by the same author. That is no criticism of her but just reflects the fact that there are others that I like better. However, if another fell into my hands and I was looking for a nice easy read without having to work too hard, I would probably quite happily read it.

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To the Nines
by Janet Evanovich

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