Do You Want to Know a Secret?

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Do You Want to Know a Secret? By (author) Claudia CarrollWhen I first picked up ‘Do You Want to Know a Secret?’ by Claudia Carroll, I was not too sure that I was going to enjoy it. The blurb on the back of the book made it sound a bit too light and fluffy (and even a bit silly) even for me! However, I was glad that I did decide to give it a go because it wasn’t actually like that at all and proved to be a great read by another very good Irish writer. (There are so many good female Irish writers out there that I keep losing track of which is my favourite!)

The book features three women who, although they are quite successful in some ways, all have a part of their life which they are not happy with and really wish to change. Vicky, the main character and the narrator of this story, runs her own business but she so wants to have a man in her life. Barbara is very successful with men but she is desperate to really kick start her acting career and prove what she can really do. The third character is Laura who has four delightful children, but as a stay at home single mum desperately needs to find a way to earn some money. Spurred on by a book they discover called ‘The Law of Attraction’, they decide that the way for them all to achieve their dreams is by project managing each other’s lives.

This is the basis of the whole story and it does make for a very entertaining read. At times it is very funny, especially when Barbara is dragging Vicky around all of Dublin’s night haunts and although she successfully meets some potential suitors most turn out to be total nightmares. There’s one who’s already planning the wedding and another who just can’t get over his ex girlfriend. You really can’t help but feel sympathy for Vicky who just can’t understand why it is so difficult to meet attractive but uncomplicated men! You really feel for all three women who all are quite despairing at times. The question is though, whether they do achieve their dreams by the end of the book and do they really need each other’s help to do so. They certainly all give it a good go.

There is a good pace to this book with plenty going on without it being too much. I found myself keeping wanting to pick up the book and just read a little bit more (and then a little bit more still!) Claudia Carroll has a very easy to read style and because it was written in the first person, it felt very chatty and relaxed.

It was also quite thought provoking at times and some of the things that the women quoted from the book were very apt. It is all about positive thinking but it says that if you think negatively and start thinking about the worst that will happen, it quite possibly will. I thought there was probably quite a bit of truth in that statement as well as others in the book.

Do You Want to Know a Secret? was the first book that I have read by Claudia Carroll but having read it, I would happily read some more.

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Do You Want to Know a Secret?
by Claudia Carroll

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