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Prophecy By Peter JamesNon Omnis Moriar, which translates as “I shall not altogether die.” These words are at the centre of this thriller written by Peter James.

A young boy watches his mother die in a truly horrific accident. Drunk students mess around with a Ouija board in a dark cellar. A sadistic man dies in agony.

Frannie couldn’t be happier when a chance meeting at a train station leads to romance. The fact that her new relationship seems marred by tragedies, she dismissess as coincidence. Feeling happy and in love, Frannie is somewhat blinded to the often gruesome accidents that are happening around her. Eventually however, she is forced to face the reality that these tragedies appear to be linked and that she herself is somehow connected. As Frannie begins to look into the past she makes a shocking discovery and wonders if bricks and mortar can retain imprints of the emotions that have been experienced within them?

Prophecy, is the second book I have read by thriller writer Peter James, an author I discovered only a few weeks ago when a friend gave me a copy of another of his books : ‘Twilight’ to read. I enjoyed is so much, it left me keen to read more of his work which has been likened to Stephen King and Michael Crichton. When I read ‘Twilight‘ a few weeks ago, I was quickly drawn into the story from the first page, becoming absorbed in a well written thriller, with a touch of both horror and mystery. So when I began reading ‘Prophecy‘ I was hopeful of more of the same. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Peter James has written another great thriller which gripped me from the beginning and I found it really difficult to put down. Once again his writing flows really well, page after page, as this story of a new relationship dogged by strange and unexplainable coincidences, unfolds into a menacing and at times horrific tale of tragedy.

Frannie is happy and in love. Her chance meeting with widower Oliver and his young son Edward on a railway platform has lead to a new relationship and Frannie can’t believe her luck at the way in which it all happens.
But is it luck? Or is it fate? Frannie doesn’t care as she is happier than she has been in ages. Oliver’s young son Edward is more than happy to have her around and her future is looking promising again.

“The suspense builds to almost menacing proportions and I found myself racing through the pages, eager to find out what would happen next.”

Right away, the reader gets a sense of ‘all is not what it seems’ here and due to the ingenious plot writing, I quickly found myself intrigued by Frannie, Oliver and Edward. These three characters are well developed by James and I particularly enjoyed the way the characters of Oliver and Edward are slowly revealed over the course of the book, making the reader ask questions and form opinions about them, only to then wonder if you are wrong. Edward seems to be quite a troubled child and Frannie finds his behaviour at times quite disturbing. One minute he is a friendly, talkative child, but then as quick as a flash he can become quiet and aloof. His cheery smile replaced by as troubled, intense expression. And why does he sometime lapse into talking Latin? I found Edward totally intriguing. His Jekyll and Hyde character is brilliantly developed, which makes for fascinating reading.

His father Oliver at first seems ignorant of the changes in his son. Oliver has tried his best to be both mother and father to his son whilst himself grieving over the loss of his wife. Is he really blind to his son’s odd behaviour or does he choose to ignore it? Frannie isn’t sure, but is mindful of how to approach discussing her thoughts with Oliver and so tries to dismiss it herself. I did find myself wondering why Oliver is so appealing to Frannie, as he comes across as rather boring and also what seems to be his oblivion to Edward’s behaviour, I found annoying, until I found myself thinking maybe he actually knew more than he was letting on.

When tragic events can no longer be passed off as coincidences, Frannie is forced to question what is happening and look into the past, which throws up more than a few surprises. The pace really picks up here, as I found I couldn’t guess exactly how or why things were happening as they were and had no idea how it would end, which is a good thing for me, as I personally love to read a book which keeps you guessing until the end. Indeed I was not prepared at all for how the story would pan out and was quite surprised to discover that I was often wrong in regards to the few thoughts I had about the main characters.

I became quite fearful for Frannie and at times felt a little frustrated by her character, who I felt couldn’t see the woods for the trees at times, but this just added to the suspense. I found I was putting myself in her shoes on more than one occasion and thinking I wouldn’t have done what she did, or I wouldn’t have said what she said, but it is all part of what makes this such a good read. The suspense builds to almost menacing proportions and I found myself racing through the pages, eager to find out what would happen next.

Prophecy really captured my imagination. It is a fascinating read which dabbles in the supernatural and keeps you guessing until the end, which also leaves the reader with a little twist, just to keep you thinking for a while after you have turned the last page.

This is another great read from Peter James and I highly recommend it if you enjoy a good thriller.

<blockquote class=”pullquote_left”>”Five stars out of five, highly recommended.”</blockquote>

Buy book online
Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
by Peter James

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