Still Thinking of You

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Still Thinking of You By Adele ParksStill Thinking of You‘ is a really light, easy read and definitely comes under the category of ‘chick lit’! If this is your sort of read (even if only occasionally) then I would definitely recommend it! I had already read a couple of books by Adele Parks – both of which were very enjoyable, and I was definitely not disappointed by this book either.

At the start of the book we meet Tash and Rich – they haven’t known each other long but already know that they are both ‘the one’ as far as the other is concerned! Rich has been down on one knee and the date for the wedding is set! All set for a happy ending then…

There is only one problem which Tash is as yet unaware of – Rich’s extremely close knit group of friends who have all known each other since university days. Right from the first meeting Tash is made to feel like the outsider – excluded from their trips down Memory Lane and unable to join in conversations about mutual acquaintances. Worst of all, they all have nicknames based on children’s toys! There is Jason, otherwise known as Scaly (something to do with scale extric!), Kate is Ms Monopoly and Ted is Big Ted. Rich has always been known as Action Man, and Lloyd is Checkers. It is really only one member of the gang, Mia, who really insists on continuing with these names, and promptly christens Tash as Barbie Babe! (Probably not the most welcome of nicknames!)

Anyway, Tash tries not to be too put out! Besides it is Rich she is going to marry – in a very private ceremony as part of a skiing holiday in France. That is, of course, until Rich decides to invite all the gang along – and what a week it turns out to be!

Each member of the gang is not without his or her problems and secrets. As the week wears on, the strain starts to tell on all of them and gradually the firm friendships start to feel a little flimsy. Lloyd resents the way everyone dropped him after his divorce, Ted is harbouring a huge secret and is petrified about telling his wife, and Mia has a secret yearning which she will go to any lengths to fulfil. Everything is further complicated by the arrival of an extra guest, Ted’s sister Jayne, who is said to be recovering from a broken heart! Nobody – not even Rich – is aware that it is actually he who is the perpetrator of such a crime, based on a very loose, casual, sexual relationship over the years! Jayne is pretty determined that she is really the one for Rich and truly believes that he has no feelings for Tash. Rich is in turmoil because he hadn’t told Tash about this particular relationship even though she is so keen on total honesty!

As the events unfold over the week, it is at times quite dramatic, and right to the end you are kept guessing whether the wedding will go ahead and also whether the particular friendships in the group will survive! (And of course I’m not going to tell you what happened!)

I did really enjoy this book though! It followed a couple of heavier reads and I was in need of something quite light and fresh. The story was easy to keep up with as it unfolded, but was never predictable as Adele Parks kept adding extra dimensions as it went along. I also felt the characters were quite believable, and for the most part likeable. I could definitely sympathise with Tash and her feelings of exclusion – I guess most have been in similar situations to varying degrees at some time in our lives!

I like Adele parks’ style of writing. She seems to be quite a good observer of people and relationships, but also writes with a certain humour which keeps the story light! The one thing I was not so keen on was when she was writing about anyone’s intimate relationships she tended to use quite crude language which didn’t necessarily feel in keeping with the characters or the book! And that’s not me just being a prude!

This was certainly a book I wanted to keep on reading though and at just under 600 pages it was quite a long read. I was kept guessing about a lot of things right to the end which is always a good thing! So if you are into this sort of book, I would definitely recommend it.


Buy book online
Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
Still Thinking of You
by Adele Parks

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