Second Honeymoon

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Second Honeymoon By Joanna TrollopeSecond Honeymoon‘ is Joanna Trollope’s thirteenth novel, and like all of the others is a really good read. In my view, Joanne Trollope is a very good observer of people and their relationships, and this is at the centre of all her books. None are action packed adventure stories but all give good insights into other people’s lives. She deals with quite complex issues that affect families like divorce and second marriages and affairs. In ‘Second Honeymoon‘ she examines what happens to a family when all the children grow up and leave!

At the centre of the novel are Edie and Russell. For almost all of their married life together they have been bringing up their three children – Matthew, Rosa and Ben. Now, finally, their youngest has left to move in with his girlfriend, and for the first time in the best part of thirty years they are living just as a couple again. However, they each have very different attitudes towards this new phase of their lives. Edie mourns the her children leaving so much so that she actually feels like she has lost her identity and purpose in life. Russell, on the other hand, celebrates and looks forward to getting his wife back to himself. With two such contrasting points of view, it can only lead to misunderstanding and conflict!

“If you are interested in people and relationships I am sure you will enjoy reading this.”

However, things are not really going that well for their children either. Matthew has been living with Ruth for the last two years, but finds it hard to keep up with her success at work and her earnings. When she decides to buy a really pricey apartment in one of London’s best areas he realises that he cannot commit to such a move. Rosa, having just come out of a disastrous relationship which has left her up to her eyes in debt, suddenly loses her job! And Ben, having not only moved in with his girlfriend but also her mother, feels claustrophobic and stifled.

So what do you think happens? Yes, you’ve guessed it – one by one they return to the family home, to the joy of Edie and the consternation of Russell. But strangely enough, suddenly being descended on second time around is suddenly not quite so much to Edie’s liking. There are issues to resolve and it’s time for everyone to move on… I won’t say more in case I spoil the end of the book, but in my opinion it really was a riveting read.

As I said earlier, Joanne Trollope does seem to be a very keen observer of relationships, and she writes about these in her novels in a very real way. This makes it possible to identify with the issues and the characters, and you end up really caring about what happens to them.

The story progresses at a gentle but steady pace. If you are interested in people and relationships I am sure you will enjoy reading this. It does also throw up a lot of twenty first century issues particularly for the three children who are faced with a lot more challenges and decisions than their parents were!


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Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
Second Honeymoon
by Joanna Trollope

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