The Three Day Rule

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The Three Day Rule By Emlyn Rees, By Josie LloydI have to start this review by saying that I enjoyed this book so much I could hardly put it down which with two small children is no mean feat! ‘The Three Day Rule‘ is written by the very successful writing team of husband and wife Emlyn Rees and Josie Lloyd. This is the sixth book they have written together (I have read them all) and they just seem to get better.

This book covers one Christmas period enjoyed (or endured) by the Thorne family. All the family members have come together at their father’s home on the small island of Braynor to enjoy the festivities together. Elder son Elliot says that they can only be together for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day because of the three day rule – which is how long any family can endure each other before returning to normality! I think there are times when I can relate to that rule!

The extended Thorne family is made up of the father Gerald, now widowed, and his two children Elliot and Stephanie. Elliot is married to Isabelle and they have a teenage daughter, Taylor. However, Elliot has been having an affair with Kellie, who is staying in a hotel on the mainland, where hopefully Elliot will be able to visit if he gets the opportunity! Stephanie is married to David with whom they now only have two children since their son Paul died in a tragic accident eighteen months ago.

So you can see that potentially all is not well in the Thorne household and tensions are brewing nicely for Christmas. Isabelle’s attempts to take over the house do not go down well with Stephanie who is already under enormous strain to be cheerful because it is Christmas. Taylor, with her friend Michael has all sorts of adventures planned, all slightly risky and dangerous! Elliot, of course, is scheming how he can meet up with Kellie – not helped by the fact his mobile does not work on the island!

“…excellent pace, good description, believable characters and a gripping storyline – all the ingredients needed for a good book!”

Added to all this the weather is taking a turn for the worse and there is a physical storm brewing outside as well as an emotional one inside. Things are further complicated when Kellie meets local boatman Ben who takes her on a visit to the island – she only wants to take a look but after problems with the boat they find they are stranded. Not wishing to give too much of the story away, all I will say is that the next three days are an emotional rollercoaster for all involved. Things are said that cannot be unsaid, secrets revealed which are shocks, revelations which change the way people feel, all hurtling towards potential disaster!

I felt this book was so well written and because of this I was really caught up in events. The characters were all very strong and believable, and I always think that the mark of a good book is whether you care about the characters – which I did. Whilst reading it I also felt that I went through a journey of emotions with them and there were times when I was actually crying I was so caught up in what was happening!

The book is divided into three sections each covering a different day. I’m not sure how the authors go about writing as a team – in the earlier books you got the impression they wrote different chapters each, but you don’t in this book. Their writing combination seems to work together so well though – excellent pace, good description, believable characters and a gripping storyline – all the ingredients needed for a good book!

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Three Day Rule (The)
by Emlyn Rees, Josie Lloyd

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