Mukul Deva talks to Curious Book Fans

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In addition to a review of his three books we publish this mini interview with India’s literary storm trooper and one of the pioneers of the Indian thriller novel, Mukul Deva.

Mukul DevaCBF: When did you realise there was a need for an Indian thriller?

Mukul Deva: It is surprising that for a country with a such a rich military tradition Indians have not attempted this genre before. More so since the sub-continent is positively teeming with a wealth of story ideas that are absolutely ideal for this genre.

CBF: What put the idea into your head?

Mukul Deva: It was the terror bombings in Delhi that set me off on this path. I felt there was a pressing need to tell the REAL story behind the terror India has faced the last three decades and instinct told me it would be best told through this genre.

CBF: Any writer you find particulary inspiring?

Mukul Deva: You mean other than myself…:) Well, I love Salinger.

CBF: Any differences between Indian thriller audiences and western audiences?

Mukul Deva: But of course. The major one being the setting. Most readers who write in to me feel very ‘at home’ with the story lines I have used in the LASHKAR series. It is hard to talk about others since how many Indian thrillers are really out there – so how does one compare.

CBF: Do you see your books reaching an international market?

Mukul Deva: Eventually – Inshallah… sooner than later…:)

Thanks to Mukul Deva and Anjana Basu for making this mini-interview for all curious book fans. You can read the review of Mukul Deva’s books by following this link.

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Written by Anjana Basu