What do you read when you travel?

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Curious Book Fans and people who like to read what Curious Book Fans write are preparing to travel during summer season. To help them have more fun and enjoy their escape from everyday lives we are starting a series of articles devoted to travel reading. We’ll try to create lists of books related to certain destinations or trips or simply write about books we read while travelling.

Clean BreaksFeel free to contribute your travel reading related thoughts through our Forum or simply by commenting on articles. You can easily start your own discussion thread or join existing ones. While on Forum you will be able to take part in our travel themed book giveaway competition and win fantastic guide book with 500 ideas for Clean Breaks (or one of 3 more book prizes).

We are starting the journey with koshkha’s out of the ordinary Literary Trip to Delhi and I am sure you will feel like you’ve been there by simply reading all the books she recommends. If you really plan to travel to Delhi and read all those books from her list you’d better buy an eBook reader to avoid overweight luggage charges. Bon voyage with Curious Book Fans!

Buy book online
Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online

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Written by Vladimir

Curious Book Fan, father of two boys, keen skier without enough money to go skiing more often.

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