I Want My Present

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I Want My Present! By Tony RossMy daughters have been big fans of the Little Princess character created by Tony Ross pretty much since they started picking up books. Therefore I was not surprised when on a recent visit to the library, my youngest picked up ‘I Want My Present’ which is another book featuring this funny and quirky character. It is also a ‘lift the flap’ book which of course adds extra appeal!

One of the nice things about the Little Princess books is that they all contain the same set of eccentric characters including an admiral, a general, a French chef, a gardener as well as her parents – the king and queen. They all have their own strange and eccentric traits and I think that my daughter has grown to love them all over the years.

At the start of the book the Little Princess states rather loudly (as is her way) that ‘I want my present!’ This sends everyone into a flurry of activity as they search everywhere to help her find them. They look in a huge variety of places including up trees, behind rocks, in the duck pond and in the chef’s large cooking pot. Each time though, the person looking discovers that what he or she finds is actually their own present and not the princess’s. All the time the Little Princess is becoming more agitated and red faced because she cannot find the present. Now at this point you might be thinking that she is quite a spoilt dislikeable character and not a good role model for young children. Luckily there is a twist at the end as when the maid finally helps her find the present we discover that it is actually a homemade crown that the Little Princess has created especially to give to the maid! See – she wasn’t so bad after all!

The recommended age for this book according to Amazon is between 4 and 8 but I actually think that younger children would also enjoy it especially with all the lovely flaps to lift and to discover the unusual presents hiding beneath. I also don’t think there is enough content for seven and eight year olds. My daughter is five and really enjoys the book and as she is just starting to read is very proud that she can read the repetitious phrases such as ‘I want my present NOW!’

As always, with the Little Princess books, the illustrations are brilliant. All of the characters are very funny looking with exaggerated features. If you don’t know the character of the Little Princess, she always has boggly eyes, lanky brown hair and very red cheeks – not exactly what you would expect from a princess! Also she does not behave very much like a princess either, being a bit of a tomboy! However, this does not come across so strong in this book. Lifting the flaps is great fun especially the first time when your child won’t know what is hiding underneath. Now she does know though my daughter eagerly anticipates what is coming and loves telling people in advance what it is.


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Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online
I Want My Present
by Tony Ross

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