The Baby Dragon Tamer

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The Baby Dragon Tamer by Jan Fearnley, book reviewMy daughters have always loved their books and are really starting to become avid readers – just like their mummy! They do vary sometimes about what they want to read but having recently seen the film ‘How to tame your Dragon’ they are quite keen to read books about dragons. This is why, on a recent visit to our local library, they absolutely pounced on Jan Fearnley’s wonderful book – The Baby Dragon Tamer.

This wonderful book tells the delectable tale of a big bad tempered dragon who is looking for treasure. He doesn’t reckon on coming across one small baby though who is determined not to give him any. Well he is just a baby and he doesn’t yet know that he is supposed to be frightened of dragons! Therefore the dragon sees the baby as a bit of a challenge and decides to be even more frightening but to no avail. However, as the baby seems to love everything that the dragon does in his attempts to scare him, he soon turns into an entertainer especially when the baby starts crying. Eventually he just picks him up and cradles him, which is when he realises that he is holding the best treasure there is in his arms! The fierce bad tempered dragon has been tamed – by a baby!

This is a fabulous story that both my daughters love. What I think makes it extra special though is the wonderful language that is used to tell the story. Some of the descriptions are quite magical. Take this for example:

‘Ever so gently, he picked up the baby and cradled him like a precious jewel. The baby smiled trustingly into the dragon’s emerald eyes.’

This is typical of the language that is used throughout which is very thoughtful and precise and helps to build images perfectly. There are also a number of similes used in the book, which are great examples if your children are being introduced to these at school. There is a gentle lilt and rhythm to the way that the story is told even when the dragon is trying to be his most scariest!

It is a very humorous tale too – especially when the baby is not being scared by the dragon. Jan Fearnley’s illustrations really help to demonstrate the humour but they are also very artistic too. I should also point at that the dragon does not look even slightly scary so smaller children should not be worried by him either.

I think that Jan Fearnley really enjoys choosing and playing with words and she likes to set them out in interesting ways on the pages A lot of the words form shapes and if she really wants to emphasise them they are bigger and bolder than the other words around them.

Overall this really is a delightful book and certainly does not have the outcome that the dragon expects. My daughters love the way that the baby tames the dragon and I’m sure most children will not fail to be captivated by this lovely book.


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Baby Dragon Tamer, The
by Jan Fearnley

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  1. elkiedee
    01/10/2010 at 16:38 Permalink

    I love this book too, and Danny laughs a lot at it. We bought it a few months ago – we have several of Jan Fearnley’s books, discovered via the library, and this was reviewed for The Bookbag, then it was on offer from a children’s book catalogue. A Very Proper Fox and Mr Wolf and the Three Bears are also a lot of fun, and Billy Tibbles Moves Out, and Milo Armadillo.

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